Community Outreach

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In addition to providing free civil legal assistance on an individual basis, Legal Aid also offers community education and outreach events. These programs can range from informational programs to actual law clinics, and are often offered in collaboration with members of the private bar – volunteer attorneys who donate their time to the event.

Legal Aid staff are also available to speak at civic or community meetings or special events, on topics ranging from powers of attorney and advance medical directvies to domestic violence to consumer law issues, among others. If you would like to have a representative from Legal Aid speak at your next event, please contact us at 276-783-8300, ext. 2012. We will make every effort to accommodate you.

Training Events

Legal Aid staff, on an as-needed basis and as capacity allows, are available to provide training for law enforcement, domestic violence advocates, aging services providers and other allied professionals on a wide range of legal topics. If you or your staff have a particular training need, call us to discuss at 276-783-8300, ext. 2012..